How to improve CIBIL score quickly-“guaranteed tips”

Money is the matter of Function Four :- A Medium, A measure , A standard and A Store.” And “credit score” in today’s world is something that we cannot ignore especially if its bad and Need all efforts for corrections and improvements as Money is integral part of our Livelihood.

What is a good credit score?

CIBIL score ranges between 300 and 900. If your score is closer to 900, then you have a better credit score. While score between 300 and 549 is considered poor. 750 credit score is considered fair for taking a loan.

Benefits of having a good CIBIL score :-

A good score not only helps you to get loan approval quickly but also provides borrowers several other benefits like Speedy Loan Approval, Lower Interest Rates, Higher loan Eligibility, negotiation power before bank authorities.

Ways to improve your “CIBIL SCORE” Quickly for loan approvals:-

  1. Control the Excessive usage of credit cards as you should keep in mind that it is not necessary to use Credit cards for every transaction you do, as credit card utilization ratio should be below 25 to 30%.
  2. Timely Repayment of Dues of Credit Cards:- Non Payment of dues in time or Crossing the due dates or missed due dates or Default etc damages your Score vigorously.
  3. Demand the banks to increase the Limit of your Credit Card and at the same time also do not use the extended limit available try keep utilization ratio below 25 %
  4. Check your Credit Score regularly and make it Error Free also make sure all the outstanding reflected in your credit cards , loans or other earlier borrowings is having a closed status in your CIBIL Report. And if not closed ask the respective bank to close the account on record.
  5. Avoid applying Multiple Loans simultaneously it is the reflection that you are in the hunt for money.
  6. Pay all your EMI on time without Fail. It is one of the important aspects that credit scorers or CIBIL consider while assessing your credit ratings. There you have to maintain a good credit score if you want your loan to be approved
  7. Maintain a very good repayment History for any Credit/ Loan Taken. (Don’t miss out even a single due date) Another way to improve the CIBIL score is to clear your credit card balance. you need to contact the lender bank and pay the dues.
  8. The Higher the Income the better the Eligibility of Loans. Increase your income earning capacity every year duly reflected in your Income Tax Returns. So when you apply for Loans Banks gets updated of your increased earning capacity.
  9. Avoid Multiple number of hard enquiries – When a bank checks your CIBIL score, the enquiry is termed as a hard enquiry. Multiple number of hard enquiries can bring down your credit score. Hence, make sure to limit the number of hard enquiries

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